Frequently asked questions


Covid 19 .


I am now seeing clients face to face again as well as Skype or Phone sessions. 

What is Counselling?


Counselling is a space in which to express , understand and change the feelings that we have about ourselves or our life . Together we will make a place of safety in which you will be heard and supported .

What happens in our first meeting?


This is an informal session where I will briefly cover what to expect in the first session we have together. Its a chance for us to speak and you hear how I work as a counsellor and for you to get an idea of whether you would be comfortable to work with me.


How many sessions will I need?


This is entirely your choice, a few sessions may be enough to support you through a difficult time, or perhaps you may have things in your life that could benefit from a long term open ended counselling relationship. Ultimately how many sessions you have is your decision.



Will I have to sign a contract?


 I will ask you to read and sign a working agreement if we decide to work together.

This will inform you of exactly what you can expect from counselling and my service. You are not commiting to a certain number of sessions and are free to end sessions at any point that feels right for you